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Driving the Aerospace Industry

Aéro Montréal, Quebec's aerospace cluster, is a strategic think tank created in 2006 that brings together all the major decision makers in Québec's aerospace sector, including companies, educational and research institutions, associations and unions.

Aéro Montréal's mission is to mobilize industry players around common goals and concerted actions to increase cohesion and optimize the competitiveness, growth and expansion of the aerospace cluster to ensure that it remains an increasingly important source of wealth creation for Montréal, Québec and Canada.  Over the years, Aéro Montréal's strategic action plan has included the creation of several working groups, namely supply chain development, human resources, innovation, branding and promotion, defence and national security, and commercialization and market development.

Branding and Promotion

A source of national pride, the Québec aerospace industry enhances the province's profile on the world stage.  The Branding and Promotion Working Group works to establish a brand for the Québec aerospace sector and create an integrated communication strategy that will enhance its visibility and thereby benefit all the players in the field.


The Innovation Working Group works to establish the aerospace innovation strategy and an action plan for Québec, as well as identify and coordinate projects to support this strategy.   Its mandate involves all aspects of aerospace innovation, from design to commercialization, private research (R&D and continuous improvement), and public and university research (working closely with CRIAQ).

Human Resources

The mandate of this working group is to plan, coordinate and carry out a concerted action plan to address major issues of succession and manpower in Québec's aerospace sector. The Québec aerospace sector is known internationally for its highly specialized workforce. In Québec, one in 190 people work in the sector, the industry's highest density of employment in the world.

Supply Chain Development

The Supply Chain Development Working Group's mandate is to oversee the planning and implementation of a concerted action plan to increase the competitiveness of Québec aerospace suppliers. It also aims to strengthen the Québec aerospace supply chain. Stemming from work done by Aéro Montréal’s Supply Chain Development Working Group, the MACH initiative is the result of joint discussions among members of the cluster and is designed to be a unifying process to support the sector's long-term strategic growth. By creating special collaborative links between customers and suppliers, the MACH initiative directly involves industry companies to stimulate collaboration and innovation within the supply chain and thereby improve the performance and competitiveness of suppliers.

Defence and National Security

This working group was established to organize and implement a concerted action plan to respond to the major issues of defence and national security.  It also promotes the industrial capacity of Québec’s aerospace cluster in matters of defence and aims to help the Québec aerospace industry benefit from major federal government military procurement contracts under the Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) Policy.

Growth Working Group

To create greater synergies among SMEs and other cluster stakeholders, the Growth Working Group works to ensure a strong global presence for Québec aerospace SMEs while promoting and encouraging their business development.