Logo of Montreal Clusters

The Fashion Cluster

The mission of mmode is to improve the competitiveness of Quebec’s fashion industry and to contribute to its growth by acting as the main platform for exchange and collaboration for the industry’s ecosystem.

mmode aspires to become a world-class cluster organization and to position Montreal as a world-renowned fashion city by sharing the industry’s know-how and its innovative capacity.

Want to become part of a creative and effervescent Montréal? Join mmode by clicking here and attaching your label to expand mmode’s influence on the market.

Brand image

Reinforce the brand image of the industry and of Montreal as a fashion city, in order to have it recognized as one of the world’s top centres of fashion.


Offer solutions to workforce issues facing the industry and assist in developing training and mentorship programs linked with the industry needs.

New technologies and investment support

Assist in the integration of new technologies and increasing the productivity by funding projects.

Market development

Promote assistance for exports and to help developing international markets for all members.