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Finance Montréal

The Financial Services Cluster

Finance Montréal, Québec's financial cluster, was created in November 2010 by the financial services industry, at the invitation of the Government of Québec. To fulfil its mission, Finance Montréal can rely on its members' broad range of expertise and creativity. Finance Montréal's members include banks and financial corporations; government bodies (the Government of Québec, the City of Montréal and the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal); Québec's regulatory agency, the AMF; and universities. Membership in Finance Montréal is intended to be as inclusive as possible. All companies in Québec's finance sector are invited to join.

For example, Finance Montréal supports and carries out initiatives in the following fields: human resources, to ensure a constant inflow of young graduates from institutions of higher learning; derivatives, a sector in which Montréal is a leader; and entrepreneurship, to identify the conditions and environment that will facilitate the development of numerous small and medium-size businesses in the finance industry.


Finance Montréal's principal objective is to foster initiatives and a business environment geared toward strengthening an already impressive and diversified financial sector, organize new activities – notably those with high value-added – and encourage the creation of new businesses and the establishment of major international companies in Québec.


That Montréal be recognized as a robust financial centre in North America for the benefit of Quebec's entire financial sector.


  • Foster promising and innovative initiatives and see that they are followed through.
  • Facilitate dialogue and cooperation within the financial sector, and between the sector and economic agencies, as well as teaching institutions.
  • Stimulate innovation, development and creation in the financial sector.
  • Promote synergy among participants in the financial industry and support their interests.
  • Ensure that the financial sector is recognized on the local, national and international scenes.
  • Improve the business environment to enable the financial sector to reach its full potential (taxation, regulation, quality of life, security, etc.).