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Montréal InVivo

The Life Sciences and Health Technologies Cluster

Montréal InVivo, a non-profit organization, is the brand name for the life sciences and health technologies cluster of the Montréal metropolitan area.

The cluster is comprised of more than 620 organizations, including 150 research organizations and 80 subsidiaries of foreign companies. It is a fertile breeding ground for innovation and creativity.

Montréal InVivo's operating costs are among the lowest in North America in the fields of life sciences and health technologies. The cluster is also unique in Canada, and is one of the few places in the world, where a company can conduct every phase of creation of a new drug, from basic research through to commercialization. The cluster provides a productive environment for every company working in life sciences and health technologies.

The Montréal InVivo metropolitan cluster is one of the largest in North America as far as employment is concerned, with over 41,000 skilled workers.

This creative cluster is supported by 11 institutions of higher education and is ranked 1st in Canada in terms of the number of research centres and total university research funding.

Greater Montréal is ranked 1st in North America when it comes to the number of university students per capita. It is, without a doubt, a talent incubator in which discovery thrives.