Logo of Montreal Clusters


The Logistics And Transportation Cluster


The mission of CargoM is to gather all the stakeholders from the logistics and goods movement, whose operations make Greater Montreal a hub, to work on shared goals and take concerted action to strengthen cohesion, boost competitiveness and extend influence.


Over a ten-year horizon, CargoM’s vision is to make Greater Montreal a recognized multimodal platform that is sought after for its:

  • Operational and environmental performance
  • Contribution to its business partners’ competitiveness
  • Wealth creation and economic development in Greater Montreal and the province of Quebec

CargoM objectives for Greater Montreal:

  • Support logistics and transportation (L&T) professionals to create wealth and direct jobs in Greater Montreal
  • Stimulate and take part in Greater Montreal’s economic development
  • Help extend the international reach of Montreal as an intermodal hub, with the Port of Montreal at the core of its supply chain
  • Attract qualified professionals via the logistics and transportation hub

Working groups

CargoM working groups are dedicated to advanced thinking and developing actions on the cluster’s priority issues. They support the Board of Directors by recommending the most appropriate strategies and ensuring their implementation.

  • L&T Development Opportunities
  • Communication and Outreach
  • Best Practices and Technology - 2014
  • Regulations - 2014
  • Main-d’œuvre - 2014
  • Human Resources / Workforce - 2014